I just can’t resist these cute animals…can you???

Admit it: you love silly animal memes.

We all spend hours fawning over the underdogs, fluffballs, and disabled pigs of the Internet. For many of us without real pets, these virtual pals fill the big furry hole in our hearts. I mean, they’re always there for you, ESPECIALLY when you’re having a bad day. Feeling blue? Just watch a video of Henri the existential cat to put life into perspective.

Like most celebs, our favorite Internet animals turn into philanthropists once they’ve reached a certain amount of fame. From animal shelters to children’s hospitals, these seven internet animal celebrities all donate a portion of their “fame” to causes that are very close to my heart. Next time you need to wind down from a long day by spamming your friends with Grump Cat memes, at least you can feel good knowing that you’re inadvertently supporting a cause while you do.

Here’s a list of my seven favorite Internet animal…

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